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: Good Gopher: A new Search Engine
: AD July 22, 2015, 05:57:48 PM
I ran across a new search engine a few weeks ago that I thought was very interesting. It’s call Good Gopher. Check em out ……


If you are a fan of PreparedHam, like any PH searches you find there and it will help improve our ranking.   When searching for Ham Radio we are on the second search page.   Not bad but we could be better


Here he is what their “about” page says

GoodGopher was developed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of Adams was formerly the CEO of a very successful software company. He’s now using his technical expertise to create GoodGopher which will benefit all “alternative” websites publishing TRUTH rather than propaganda.

With your help, we are building the internet’s largest search engine for those searching for information and news on liberty, natural healing, central banks, food freedom, advanced science and a multitude of other topics no longer allowed in NSA-controlled search engines.

Good Gopher’s Pledge of Integrity

GoodGopher is the world’s first privacy-protected search engine that filters our corporate propaganda and government disinformation. It was founded by Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” editor of and a top voice of the Independent Media.

Here at GoodGopher, we are the anti-Google. Here’s what we pledge to all our users:

NO SPYING ON YOU. We don’t record your search history. We don’t track your browsing habits. We don’t build a psychological profile of you. When you search on, your search is private. Even if is hacked, it cannot reveal individual search histories because it does not record them!

NO CORPORATE PROPAGANDA OR GOVERNMENT DISINFO. GoodGopher actively seeks to filter out corporate propaganda and government disinfo. Because our filters aren’t perfect, we also enable users to flag search results with a “Bad Gopher!” flag. When enough users flag a link as “Bad Gopher!” we review the URL and parent domain to determine whether it should be banned from our index. “Bad Gopher!” clicks do not affect rankings, so trolls have no reason to arbitrarily click links for sites they don’t like.

HONEST RELEVANCY ALGORITHM. Our relevancy algorithm is equally applied across all sites, meaning that even small sites have the same shot as being #1 for any given search term as a large site. No site (not even receives any special boost. All sites in the index are subject to the exact same ranking algorithms. Sites can, of course, be banned from the index for spamming or using black hat techniques to try to game the system.

NO PROMOTION OF PHARMACEUTICALS AND OTHER POISONS. GoodGopher is funded by advertising, but we don’t let just anybody advertise on the site. We specifically ban all corporate advertisers who sell pharmaceuticals, pesticides, GMOs, vaccines and other toxic products that destroy human life and contaminate the planet. This isn’t even the full list, of course. We also ban gambling and porn sites, and we review each potential advertiser on a case by case basis. Our decision process is guided by principles of human decency, human rights, ecological sustainability and honest business practices. We reserve the right to ban any advertiser at any time.

NO BACK DOORS TO THE NSA. GoodGopher wasn’t built by a bunch of NSA spooks. We don’t have any back doors to spy agencies or federal agencies. It should be noted, however, that we are still subject to court orders from federal judges, but even if a court ordered us to turn over something, we can’t turn over that which we don’t possess!
: Re: Good Gopher: A new Search Engine
: DragoSapien July 22, 2015, 11:02:19 PM
Hmmm,,,,,,,Sounds like a prepper's search engine. Ill check it out.
: Re: Good Gopher: A new Search Engine
: spacecase0 July 22, 2015, 11:50:03 PM
I was excited when I found out about this,
but still can't think of a thing to search for yet
: Re: Good Gopher: A new Search Engine
: Tevin July 23, 2015, 07:19:21 AM
I like the concept, but I think this website is running on a seriously flawed business model.

By using an "honesty algorithm" and refusing "corporate propaganda" they are by default censoring what you see. Isn't this what we prepper/liberty folk accuse the mainstream media of doing? Don't they know prepperfolk like to decide for themselves what is bullshit and what isn't?

And claiming "no back door to the NSA" is either a promise they cannot promise, or they are lying. If there is a backdoor, they would not know it. And if they did know it, they would not admit it. The circular logic is lost on me.

I did a test search on "ford f150". I purposely picked a search term that was not likely to generate a lot of controversial or way off the map results. The sponsored ads at the top of the results page were for bee keeping and web design services :o ? The rest of the results were indeed related to the Ford F150 but not a single link on the first two pages referred to the Ford Motor Company official website. I guess they weren't kidding when they said they don't do corporate propaganda.

I hope they do well but with the limitations they've laid out for themselves I think they are going to have problems.

I'll use them when applicable to help out PH. 
: Re: Good Gopher: A new Search Engine
: spacecase0 July 23, 2015, 10:09:02 AM
its primary reason is to for news, and research on events in our world
if looking for things to buy, you want corporate things, and preferably not filtered by some unspecified agenda, so yahoo is likely way better
if you are looking for a search engine that thinks for you, then use google